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ACE-IVR 05 : Cable drive speedometer tester with simulation output

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This adaptor flashes the red LED once per revolution of the speedo cable to allow a speedo cable to be tested.

There is also an output wire that simulates a reed switch to allow you to flash an LED or drive a low current circuit.

The output switches to ground and has been used with various brands of speedometer to successfully allow an Acewell speedometer to show a speed reading.

Note, if you load a voltage onto the output wire or draw more current than would drive a standard LED it is very easy to destroy the adaptor and there is no warranty if the adaptor is used to drive a speedometer.

If only used for testing Acewell cable drive sensors then the usual 12 month warranty applies.

If the adaptor was used an an interface to KOSO, VDO and Trailtech speedos (vapor, vector etc.) then diodes and optic isolators have been shown to protect the adaptor from voltage injections coming from a speedometer.


Red wire to ignition live
Black wire to battery -ve
Green wire to drive an LED or buffer circuit (no warranty if used)
090 series 2 pin plug - connect to speed sensor

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Category Acewell Accessories and Sensors
Sub-Category Speed Sensors - Cable Drive
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