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MD85-556 : 85mm Digital Speedometer

£ 229.99  £ 172.00 inc VAT | 285.19   213.28 inc VAT | $ 293.24  $ 219.29

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MD85-556 ATV / Motorcycle / Automotive Computers

LCD / LED Indicators

left main beam neutral RP oil pressure RPM engine management temperature right


  • Simultaneously displays tachometer, speedometer, gear indicator, fuel gauge and bar-graph temperature meter as well as one of the other functions.
  • Backlight can be switched to come on with ignition or vehicle headlights.
  • End user is able to adjust odometer when the odometer is less than 30km /18.6 miles.
  • Acceleration and deceleration timers as well as distance timer for racing practice.
  • Fast processor so can connect to pulse type gearbox speed sensors.
  • Universal wheel circumference setting range: 1-3999mm.
  • Gear indicator which calculates gear by comparing speed and RPM.
  • Fuel gauge which can connect to 0 100, 0-250, 0-510, 30-80 Ohm senders, and 'low fuel' tank senders (adaptor needed).
  • Includes bracket, RPM sensing wire, speed sensor, temperature sensor, fitting kits, and wiring harness.
  • Excellent water resistance, with anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design.
  • CE and E mark certificated.

Functions and Specifications

Bar Tachometerbar0-12,000 rpm 500rpm
Digital Tachometer rpm10-19,990 rpm, 10rpm increment 10rpm
SpeedometerKM/H or MPH2.4-399.9 km/h (248.5 MPH)0.1km/h or MPH
Trip meter 1&2TRIP 1&20.0-999.99 KM/Miles0.01 Km/Miles
OdometerODO0.0 999,999 KM, 0.0-621,387 Miles1 km/miles
Maximum speedMAX2.4-399.9 KM/h (248.5 MPH),0.1km/h or MPH
Average speedAVG2.4-399.9 KM/h (248.5 MPH),0.1km/h or MPH
12/24 Hour Clock0:00' 11H59'59"/23H59'59"1 second
Riding timerRT0-99H59'59"1 second
Total Riding TimerTT0-9999H59'1 Minute
Hour meterHRT0-9999H59'1 Minute
Maintenance reminder0-99H59'59" / 100H-999H59' / 0-10000km / 0-6000Miles1 second/minute/ km/mile
Bar-Fuel gaugeAdjustable 0Ω - 100Ω, 0Ω - 250Ω, 0Ω - 510Ω, 30Ω - 80Ω, LOW or OFF options
Gear IndicatorGearN, R, 1, 2,8 gears and off mode
Distance timer Trip RT0-1/4 mile. 0-100M, 0-400M
Acceleration timer SPD RT0-100km/h
Deceleration timerd SPD RT100kmh-0kmh
Voltage MeterV8.0-18.0 Volt0.3V
Digital Temperature Meter℃ or ℉+25℃-180℃ / 77℉-356℉1℃ / 1℉
Maximum Temperature MeterMAX ℃/℉+25℃-180℃ / 77℉-356℉1℃ / 1℉
Bar Temperature Meterbar1-5 Bar-graphic
Power InputDC 12V
Tachometer SensorCDI or Ignition Coil Signal
Speed SensorReed switch / 2 wire Hall-effect Sensor & Magnet / Cable drive adaptor
Wheel circumference setting1mm-3999mm (1mm increment)
Dimensions130.1mm x82.8mmx27 mm
Temperature SensorThermo Sensor


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Category Acewell Speedometers
Sub-Category ACE-85mm
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Front ring - Bezel
Remote Control
Speed Sensor
Temperature Sensor 1

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