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Q: Will the ACEWELL work with my bike?
A: The ACEWELL computers will work with any bike that has a battery, and many that don't.
We can attach to front wheel cable drives if available or use a magnet and reed switch if not.
If you are replacing your stock electronic clocks (electronic drive from gearbox) then check before ordering that the bike runs with the original clocks disconnected as some new bikes have an immobiliser built into the clocks and will not start if they are removed.
Ensure that any speed limiters built into existing clocks on Japanese import bikes are bypassed - check forums how to do this.
Q: Which ACEWELL should I buy for my bike.
A: There are two styles of ACEWELL, 2xxx and 3xxx - choose a style that matches your bike, then choose the warning lamps and functionality to match your requirements.
Q: I see that some models of ACEWELL have a fuel gauge, how does this work?
A: You connect the ACEWELL to the original fuel tank sender unit in your car / bike. We have a sender available on the accessories page if you do not have a sender at the moment, but cannot guarantee it will fit into your tank.
Q: I'm using an ACE-C or and ACE-S speed pickup, and when my speed gets to approx 30mph, it suddenly jumps to about 50mph
A: You've got your pickup wrongly installed - the magnet should cross the body of the sensor, not travel along it. Ensure that the sensor travels along one of the moulding lines on the sensor body. Fitting instructions
Q: I'm using a cable drive converter, how do I calibrate the speedo.
A: Before fitting the acewell, it is necessary to find how far the vehicle moves with a single turn of the speedo cable.
Mark the tyre and ground, and push forward 1 wheel revolution - measure the distance travelled in MM.
Put a piece of tape on the end of the original speedo cable to produce a flag, push the bike forward 1 wheel revolution again, but this time count the number of revolutions of the speedo cable.
Divide the distance travelled, by the number of rotations of the speedo cable, and enter this number into the acewell.
e.g. If the bike moves forward 1700mm and the speedo cable turned 3 times, then enter c:0567 into the C screen. If your speedo has a P screen then ensure it is set to P:001
Q: I'm not sure if my speedo is calibrated accurately, how do I check?
A: Get a GPS / Sat-nav, put it in instant speed display mode, strap it to your bike / mount on your dashboard, and drive at say 60mph.
If the Acewell reads higher than the GPS, then reduce the number in the C Screen, if it is reading too low, then increase the number.
Q: How do I setup my Acewell?
A: Press both buttons together when the unit is switched on, this puts the Acewell in programming mode. Move through the options with the right button and change settings with the left - very similar to setting the time on a digital watch!
The C screen sets the distance travelled per revolution of the cable drive or front wheel
The R screen sets the red line for the revs.
Q: My revs seem to be much higer or lower than the engine is running at
A: You have the number of cylinders set wrong - many bikes use what is known as wasted spark, try changing the settings on the SPC screen between 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 3 to see which works best for your vehicle
Q: My rev counter jumps all over the place and doesn't give a steady reading
A: The signal strength is too high or there is too much interference.
Disconnect the sensor wire at the engine and see if it still jumps around. If it does, check that it doesn't touch any HT leads, and try replacing the yellow wire with a length of Co-Axial cable (small diameter TV aerial) Connect the outer mesh to the chassis / frame / ground wire, and use the inner wire as the sender - ensure that the least amount of wire possible protrudes from the mesh.
There are 2 ways of sensing the revs, either connect to the wire between the coils & CDI (Electronic Ignition) / points or wrap the sensor wire around the spark plug lead. - Try both methods
If you are wrapping the sensor wire around the spark plug lead then do not strip the insulation from the wire, and try various number of coils between 2 and 10 to see which gives the best reading.
If the spark strength is too high, you may also get strange readings, try inserting a 1 Meg ohm resistor between the Acewell and the sensor wire (and then both pickup methods)
Depending on the vehicle, you will find that one of the above gives the most pleasing results.
Q: On my Acewell the bar chart rev counter flashes twice per second, why?
A: You have incorrectly set the redline for your revcounter. Increase the number on the R screen in the menus to the correct redline value. The revcounter will then flash only when the redline is passed.
Q: My bike doesn't have a battery, can I still use an ACEWELL?
A: If your bike has a stator and produces DC from the voltage regulator (check with a multimeter) then you can use an ACEWELL. The ACE-BAT9V will keep the clock running and redline setting in memory.
Q: How do I fit the temperature sender supplied with ACE-32xx / ACE-39xx?
A: The sender will fit straight into some water / oil bolt holes, if not, an adaptor is available to measure water temperature by going inline in your radiator hose. See the accessories section of the website for more details.
Q: Can the speedo operate with electronic gearbox outputs?
A: The ACE-3251, ACE-3972 and ACE-39xxB speedos can operate with gearbox sensors that switch between 0 - 5v and 0-12v. On some vehicles it is necessary to add a resistor or transistor to pull the output wire down to 0v in the offstate of the output.
For techy people: The models specified above can work with a maximum input frequency of 7KHz, other models can work with a maximum frequency of 100Hz.
If you need to connect a different model to a gearbox speed sensor then a 5v voltage regulator, ripple counter & output transisitor will be required. Alternatively, a speedohealer can be used as an interface.
Q: I am not in the UK, can I purchase from your website?
A: We will happily ship orders to customers outside the UK. However, for warranty repairs / replacement the customer is responsible for all postage costs